Durable dental implants?

Durable Dental Implants - Dental Implant

Over time, our denture can reduce in spite of proper care. Restorative dental treatments, such as fillings and root canal therapy, can prolong the life of teeth but their effect won’t last a lifetime.

In the past, the only option for ending injuries and cariosity-caused partial edentulousness was with bridges and with the abrasion of healthy teeth. In case of complete edentulousness, removable dentures were available. Thanks the modern surgical technologies dental implants can be the solution to both cases. But how durable a solution is it?

Find out from the article:

– On what does the success of dental implants depend?

– Is it possible that my body doesn’t accept the implant?

– How long does an implant last once implanted?

Thanks to modern dental implantation methods the abrasion of healthy teeth is not necessary and teeth replacement can be done with similar aesthetic and functional values to original teeth.

On what does the success of dental implantation depend?

The lifespan of dental implants is influenced by the lifestyle of the patient and proper oral hygiene. During the preliminary health check, it is important for the specialist to get an overall image of the chronic diseases and their treatments, smoking, etc. With these in mind, comprehensive advice is provided about the care of replacement with an implant. Sticking to the dentist’s advice the patient can contribute to the long lasting solution of the implants.

Certain aspects have a negative impact on the osseointegration and the attachment of the implants. Smoking, excessive drinking, improper oral hygiene and inflammation they might cause aren’t only a risk to the implant procedure but to the healthy teeth as well. Even if a person chooses dental implantation, they need to prepare for the consequences and the avoidance of these possibilities.

Dental implantation requires an adequate amount and quality of bone tissue, which is checked with the help of an X-ray and a CT-scan, if necessary, by the specialist. In case of inadequate bone structure, bone grafting might be needed; this makes the bone capable of holding the implants in most cases.

Thus, the lifespan of dental implants depend mainly on the patient’s lifestyle and proper care. After the preparation of the denture, every patient receives detailed, customized information on what to do.


Is it possible that my body rejects the implant?

If the specialist and the patient are satisfactory, it happens very rarely. This is why complete, preliminary consultations are important. It is also a significant to treat possible inflammations before the implant treatment. This can be calculus removal, scaling, extraction of teeth with cyst, etc. During the preliminary tests and consultation every factors are explored and eliminated to avoid later inconveniences. Therefore, constant discussion of patient and specialist is necessary during the course of treatment.

Dental implants (like other medical implants, such as hip replacements) are made from a special titanium alloy, which doesn’t elicit any unwanted reactions from the body. High-quality material, circumspection of the specialist and the cooperation of the patient are the keys to success.

How long does an implant last once implanted?

The first dental implant was inserted in Sweden, in the 1960s, and is the basis of today’s technology. This certain implant was functioning for almost forty years, until the patient’s death. Today’s modern technology has almost unlimited options when it comes to dentistry. Every quality implant-making company boasts of 90-95% long-term efficiency. One implant can stably hold the attached replacement for decades in the jawbone. The replacement, i.e. the crown, wears in a pace dependent on the material and due to inevitable gum recession it might need to be replaced over time. The lifespan of crowns is about 10-15 years. Should the state of the implants be adequate, the crowns are easy to replace. Most manufacturers  offer a ten-year-warranty on the implant materials.

If the intervention is successful, proper oral hygiene and keeping the dentist’s orders assure beautiful smile and perfect mastication for decades. With the help of the latest equipment and top-quality materials, our experienced specialists can reach your perfect solution.