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We provide the possibility of online consultation for those who cannot contact our partners personally.

A high-quality panoramic X-ray and the description of your preferences are needed.

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    what is a dental implant?

    Made of a special medical titanium alloy a dental implant is used for replacing lost teeth in a way similar to natural ones. Basically, it is an artificial tooth root which is capable of holding one or multiple crowns; therefore it serves as a pillar for the restoration of the denture. Replacement with dental implants is the most modern procedure which resembles to natural teeth the most. It has a history of several decades of research both in dental implant production and in surgical procedures. It offers a solution to diseases related to tooth loss, edentulousness and inconveniences caused by wearing removable dentures. Last but not least, it is a procedure with a perfect aesthetical, functional and hygienic result. Since it substitutes the root as well as the tooth, there is no need to grind healthy teeth for partial dental replacements.

    The dental implant consists of two parts. The first part is the surgically implanted implant itself, which functions as a substitute for the root. After the implantation comes a months-long healing period when the implant ossifies and becomes fixed in place. The stabilized fixed implant can now be loaded – it has become suitable for bearing the bite force and chewing efficiency. The dental technician consults the specialist and prepares the abutment, which is an integral part of the dental implant forming the link between the crowns and the inserted implant. The two stages of the intervention and the healing period take three months. During this time implantation takes place first, together with tooth extractions if needed (one workday), and after the healing period abutments and crowns can be made (five workdays). The life span of the tooth replacement made in this way is ten years. With proper care the dental implant has an unlimited life span.

    Our partners’ choice of implants includes Swiss Nobel, SGS and Alpha Bio implants; therefore we can provide every patient a unique individual solution with customized prices.

    dental implant
    dental implant
    dental implant

    Personal consultation and quote for dental implants

    All dental treatments, whether implanting or minor interventions, are preceded by a consultation. During the personal consultation we do a panoramic scan (and a CT scan if necessary) so that our specialist has an overall view of the initial state. This is followed by an examination and consultation with the patient as we try to get a comprehensive idea about their needs and possibilities. In the next phase the specialist plans the treatment (and decides the type and number of dental implants…). This is followed by another consultation. By now a detailed treatment plan is available and if possibile, we offer several solutions (different implant techniques or dental implants of different make) from which the patient chooses the most suitable.

    Personal consultation from only 45 EUR, which is refunded from the treatment price. Several locations, even at weekends!



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      General anaesthesia

      According to our general experience, because they are afraid of dental intervention (implants) our patients tend to neglect their teeth and postpone treatment. In the long run, this can result in many negative effects, and not only dental. Misaligned teeth may cause gingivitis, periodontosis, growth of pathogens and tooth loss. Possible consequences include inflammations of a dental origin (such as arthritis, hair loss, and acne), masticatory insufficiency can lead to digestive problems and even to extensive infections. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the risks and results which may evolve unnoticed.

      Thanks to the rapid development of medicine including dentistry and oral surgery, treatments are almost completely painless. Besides local anaesthesia, we offer the possibility of general anaesthesia for some treatments (such as inserting dental implants) on demand.

      If you choose not to feel anything during the interventions, the solution is general anaesthesia or narcosis. If you opt for this, your only memory of the implant will be a good sleep where a professional team will be your assistance. You have nothing else to do but tick the „general anaesthesia” box in the form.

      Although general anaesthesia is widely spread and is used in cases of outpatient surgery, it still counts as an invasive intervention for the body. For this reason, preliminary testing is necessary which can be done at home a month before the anaesthesia or can be prepared with the help of our colleague (in the latter case, your stay might increase by a couple of days).

      The necessary exams are: lab test, ECG and chest X-ray. In addition, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your medical history and general health status, which is essential for a safe process of general anaesthesia. (The questionnaire and the detailed list of necessary tests are sent to you via e-mail after filling out the form.)

      In some cases, the presence of certain diseases (such as arrhythmia, asthma, certain autoimmune diseases, etc.) might be a contraindication for general anaesthesia. After reviewing the test results and the questionnaire, our cooperative anaesthetic team provide information about whether general anaesthesia is possible or not.

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