How does the dental tour work?

Dental tour to Hungary

Dental tour: how does it work?

First and foremost we seek the perfect dental solution for you. Our colleagues at our partner clinics provide help regardless of the field, whether it is implantation, prosthetics or aesthetical dentistry. We help you find the best offer and the most professional team. All you need to do is to send a panoramic radiograph (less than a month old if possible), a smile photo, and tell us a few words about your needs and preferences. The treatment plan(s) and quote(s) will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours.

After the acceptance of the final treatment plan and quote we can start scheduling your stay. According to the treatment plan we will know how many times and for how long you will visit us for dental treatments, so the scheduling of appointments can begin. We define the appointments on the basis of interventions and dental technical works within the best period of time. The shortest intervention is done within one workday; the longest treatment process takes five workdays.

After confirming the dates we propose which flight would be the most ideal for you to choose. Our guiding aspects are your comfort and the unhindered completion of the treatment. All you need to do is to buy your plane ticket.

The employees of CE Dental Tour will schedule your accommodation and the transfer between the airport, the hotel and the surgery.

When your plane lands, a chauffeur will be waiting for you at the terminal and will drive you to your hotel. We give you a mobile phone with a local number so that you can call our staff and the clinic performing the treatment at any time during your stay. A chauffer can drive you from the hotel to the clinic and forth if requested. A member of our team who took part in scheduling your travel from the beginning will attend each of your treatment sessions, therefore there will always be someone you can turn to if a question arises or further appointments needed to be made, plus they can propose you many programmes for your spare time.

You have nothing to fear. Our specialists are waiting for you with equipment of international quality including the most advanced methods of local anaesthesia, procedure and materials so that you don’t have to dread pain. All of this is at a better price than anywhere else in Europe[1].

Our team is available to work out the details from the first contact until the confirmation of the treatment plan and your travel so that we can find the best tailored solution for your visit and to provide assistance.

Who do we recommend dental tour to?

We recommend it to you if you:

  • don’t know what the best solution is to your dental problem – we help you find it
  • don’t want to struggle with the details of your dental tour – we organize it for you
  • are worried about the intervention and want to know all the accessible information before committing yourself – we inform you
  • are looking for the same quality at a reasonable price – Hungary and CE Dental Tour are the solution

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