Dental implantation and pain – do I have to be afraid of the intervention?

Dental Implantation

Dental implantation – pain before treatment

There are numerous reasons for losing teeth. Typically it is the degradation of the periodontium, atrophy, chronic inflammation and cysts. These symptoms don’t necessarily involve constant pain.

This is why we recommend regular dental check-up and screening, even when the patient doesn’t have any complaints. Lost teeth can be replaced with more methods, but the method resembling to original teeth the most is the one with dental implants.

Dental implantation – pain during treatment.

Dental implantation is a special surgical method during which we insert dental implants into the jawbone after possible tooth extractions. Thanks to modern technology this happens with a minimal-invasive method. The intervention is done with local anaesthesia, so the specialist anaesthetises the area locally. Consequently, you won’t experience any pain. During the insertion of dental implants, you might feel slight resonance and stretching. If you would like to avoid these, we have a solution. Our clinics provide the possibility of anaesthesia with the help of the launcher of Hungarian Safe Anaesthesia Organisation. Please indicate your wish to sleep through the intervention when requesting a quote.

Dental implantation – pain after intervention

Dental implantation is a surgical method, and as such, a surgical wound is generated. One characteristic of the mucous membrane is that it regenerates very fast, in a few days. It is exactly the same after tooth extraction and dental implanting. With short healing period and medication after the treatment, discomfort can be eliminated. In some cases, bruises or swelling occur after the treatment, which disappear in a few days with the help of medication and a cooling pack provided by the clinic.