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Immediate loading implants and conventional implants

Immediate loading implant- after

How are immediate loading implants and conventional implants different?

Unlike conventional dental implant treatments, immediate loading implants and implant systems – as their names suggest – are characteristic in a way that the crowns are fixed on them a few days after surgery.

Conventional dental implants

In case of traditional treatments, dental implants are attached due to osseointegration, meaning that the bone tissue “grows around” the dental implant’s specially designed surface. This takes three months, and with the exception of some rare cases, the dental implant is able to hold the crowns only after this period. Since this process takes place under the surface and covered by the gums, implant exposure is needed before preparing the crowns. In other words, the gum (mucous membrane) must be opened up.

Find out more about traditional dental implants, and the traditional dental implantation method!

Immediate loading dental implants

In this case, the replacement becomes stabilized by immediate fixing of the crowns (although with certain types of implants osseointegration takes place afterwards); virtually the crowns connect the dental implants providing their stability. In addition, since the crowns get to their places immediately, the dental implant isn’t covered by the gum; therefore a follow-up exposure is not needed. Thanks to many years of research and innovations, replacement with immediate loading implants is effective, fast, there’s no waiting time on quality’s expense.

  • Replacement is faster than with the conventional method
  • There is no need for implant exposure
  • No pain, thanks to the modern anaestasiological techniques
  • It is the result of many years of research and innovation
  • It provides perfect functional and aesthetic results

And if you wish to sleep during the surgery, you have the opportunity to choose general anaesthesia!

If you don’t want to wait, the solution is immediate loading dental implant. Ask for a quote for a perfect smile!