Immediate loading after surgery

Immediate loading implants: what are the advantages?

What are the advantages of tooth replacement with immediate loading implants?

  • Fast: From the first intervention to the last one, the surgery is over in four days with the preparation and the delivery of the fixed denture. There is no healing or waiting period.

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Immediate loading after surgery

Basal implants vs. conventional dental implants

Basal implant: in what way are they different from conventional dental implants?

  • Basal implant can and should be loaded: During the implantation of conventional dental implants, in most cases it takes months before the fixation of the permanent replacement. The reason is the osseointegrational process, which has to take place in order for the implants to be strong enough to bear the load of the denture and the pressure of biting and chewing. Basal dental implants, on the other hand, work on different principles. There is no osseointegration: after the surgery the metal supported acrylic replacement connects them and provides stability and strength. There is no months-long waiting; rehabilitation of your jawbone only takes four days.

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Bad breath - solutions

Bad breath – Typical causes

A bad breath is disturbing for both our environment and ourselves. Specialist recommend the thorough investigation to uncover the causes, since serious illnesses can be in the background. Let’s see the most frequently occurring causes for bad breath, and the best treatment for each. Read more

Sinus Lift

Sinus lift: Bone augmentation in the upper jaw

Sinus lift or sinus floor augmentation is a surgical method the oral surgeon uses, to raise the height of the jaw bone in the upper jaw. This is necessary, if the bone is too small for dental implantation. Read more

Dental Implant abroad clinics dentist abroad

What is the basal dental implant treatment procedure?

What is the basal dental implant treatment procedure?

The basal implant treatment consists of two plus one stages, the first two of which are accomplished at the first visit, within a four-day period. Read more

Tartar - Oral Hygiene - Scaling

Dental hygiene – All about tartar

Nowadays, we hear a lot about disease prevention and conscious health care. How about our teeth? There is a lot we can do to keep our teeth healthy if we know the hazards. From the article you can find out all about tartar, what it is, how it comes to existence and what problems it can cause is untreated. And of course, we will reveal the best solutions for prevention and treatment. Read more

Dental implant materials

Dental implant materials: What is a dental implant made of?

Dental implant materials are something nearly all patients want to know more about. From this article, you can find out all about titanium dental implants and ceramic dental implants. What are the differences and when do we use them? Read more

dental hygiene

All you need to know about proper dental hygiene

Dental hygiene – care for our teeth. Awareness in dental care has increased throughout the past decades. More and more information is easily accessible considering our teeth. Problems related to the lack of proper oral hygiene over and above loosing teeth are well known. We gathered all that you need to know about dental health. Read more

Dental bone loss

Dental bone loss – Do you need jawbone augmentation?

Dental bone loss: The structure of the bone tissue in the jaw bone may perish. This can be caused by osteoporosis, which is a disease affecting the whole skeleton. General bone loss is caused by lack of exercise and malnutrition. On the other hand, decay of the jawbone is mostly the result of periodontitis. Read more

Immediate loading basal dental implants

Immediate loading implants: the procedure

What is the procedure of replacement treatment with immediate loading dental implants?

The procedure of immediate loading dental implants consists of a single step which can be followed by a tooth replacement on demand.

Our specialist makes a circumspect assessment supported by X-ray imaging and we prepare a quote tailored to individual needs. The quote is prepared in more versions according to treatment possibilities, and we offer professional help when choosing the most convenient one. Read more