Replacing a single tooth with a dental implant

After dental implantation

In this article, we go along the steps of replacing a single tooth with a dental implant and a crown.

 The first step (followed by the check-up, consultation and preparation of a detailed treatment plan) is making a panoramic X-ray to see if the jaw bone is suitable for implantation. The oral surgeon examines the structure and measures the width of the jaw bone. This way, he can find the optimal dental implant to use during the surgery.

The next step is the surgery itself. The implantation is usually done in local anaesthesia. If you wish to sleep during the implantation, we can perform it in general anaesthesia.

Panoramic X-ray before implantation

 After the implantation, we make a panoramic X-ray to check the freshly inserted dental implant. In the exemplified case, a three months long healing period followed. During the healing period, the jaw bone grows around the dental implant and anchors it. After three months, another panoramic X-ray is made, to see if the healing process went off as required.

The dental implant is now suitable for holding a dental crown. The dentist takes imprints, and conciliates with the dental technician while the crown is prepared. During the process, there may be several fittings to make sure the final crown meets every expectation.Fixed dental crown

In the exemplified case, the crown was fixed with a screw that goes through the crown and into the dental implant. The head of the screw was covered with filling material. Dental crow before fixingThese types of fixed dental crowns and bridges can be removed any time without damaging them, by simply removing the screws. This fixing method is possible in case of nearly any crown material. Find out more about dental crowns from this article!

After the eventual fixing of the crown, we provide detailed information about aftercare and guarantee. Dental crown fixed with a screwFor further information, see our informative price list! For a personalized quote , send us apanoramic X-ray!