Dental implants: pros and cons

Dental Implants - Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most modern ways of tooth replacement. There are arguments for and against this method of treatment. We present the most important ones: advantages, disadvantages and preferential Hungarian dental treatments.

Dental implants are modern dental—dental surgical treatments. They are used when the damage of the tooth is irreversible and tooth extraction cannot be avoided. These are basically artificial dental roots made from special titanium alloy which are inserted in place of the missing tooth. With the help of an intermediate element – abutment – a crown or a bridge is fixed on the soon-to-be osseointegrated implant.

Dental Implants - Dental Implant


First, let’s take a look at the advantages:

  • If there is only one tooth to be replaced, the implant substitutes as a bridge. For the attachment of the bridge, abrasion of both teeth on either side of the edentulous position is necessary, even if they are healthy. With dental implants, this can be avoided. With this method we spare healthy neighbouring teeth.
  • With dental implants, wearing a removable denture becomes a more comfortable solution. Removable dentures can be a nuisance. Adhesion is never the perfect solution, the denture can shift during speaking, it is uncomfortable and it hurts the gums. All of this is eliminated by having dental implants. On the dental implants an abutment is applied, which stabilizes the denture, ending all discomfort caused by removable dentures.
  • The whole, fixed denture can be restored with the help of dental implants, even in case of complete edentulousness. The result of this replacement method is the most similar to original teeth. Perfect smile, bite and chewing, comfort and self-confidence.
  • The inherent of edentulousness are gum recession and jawbone atrophy. These might result in having hollow cheeks; moreover, the absence of teeth can cause digestive and other illnesses. Dental implants can be the solution to all problems. It prevents gum and bone atrophy, facial deformation and many diseases by restoring proper masticating ability.
  • Successful implantation meaning osseointegrated, fixed implants can be a lifelong tooth replacement solution.
  • A denture and crowns fixed on dental implants are almost identical to original teeth in shape and colour.

Besides the numerous advantages, there are certain disadvantages to this method:

  • Certain immunodeficiencies, haematological diseases, chronic infectious diseases exclude the possibility of dental implantation. With these cases a preliminary consultation is needed.
  • Maltreatment of diabetes and smoking hinder osseointegration of dental implants.
  • As all similar treatments, dental implantation has certain risks. Primarily, we talk about inflammation of soft and bone tissues around the dental implants. The technical term is peri-implantitis and if it’s untreated, it can lead to losing the dental implants. It can occur immediately after the implantation or months, even years after the intervention, around the osseointegrated implant. In the latter case, the occurrence can be related to overloading or improper oral hygiene.
  • Due to long-standing edentuousless, bone tissues reduce, taper and become inappropriate to hold a dental implant. A special bone-grafting method might be needed prior to implantation.
  • Replacements attached to dental implants require thorough cleaning, maintenance and care. Neglecting the control exams and improper oral hygiene might lead to inflammation which might result in losing the implants and the replacement.

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