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What is the basal dental implant treatment procedure?

What is the basal dental implant treatment procedure?

The basal implant treatment consists of two plus one stages, the first two of which are accomplished at the first visit, within a four-day period. Read more

Dental implant materials

Dental implant materials: What is a dental implant made of?

Dental implant materials are something nearly all patients want to know more about. From this article, you can find out all about titanium dental implants and ceramic dental implants. What are the differences and when do we use them? Read more

All-on-4 dentures

What is All-on-4?

From the article you can find out:

  • What is All-on-4?
  • In what way is All-on-4 different from traditional replacements and crowns fixed on dental implants?
  • Who do we recommend All-on-4 treatment to?

What is All-on-4?

The All-on-4 treatment is a special method for fixing dentures, and is an effective solution to all the unpleasant side-effects of removable prostheses: they don’t move and they don’t hurt the gums. The palatal piece of the replacement disappears, which therefore ends nausea, provides a full sense of taste, the bite force becomes steady and even, it’s a remedy for sunken cheeks. No adhesives are required and the denture doesn’t need to be taken out at night, nor at any other time.

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