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Perfect Smile with all-on 4 dental implant!

Are you seeking the Perfect Smile experience? Check out our dental prices below!

Let us help You win back the gift of smiling confidently. Get a quote now, let us do the rest. Send us an X-ray and a quote request now.

Implants: Based on many years of experience, our partner clinics recommend the Swiss SGS conventional implants and the Swedish Nobel Biocare implants, the latter of which are considered the Rolls Royce cars of dental implants. Treatment prices always depend on the type of the implant.

Bone grafting: Eroded bone structure in the jaw can be enabled to hold implants. With minilift or sinus lift procedures and with the help of American or German bone grafting materials, our experienced specialists can restore poor bone structure so that it will be able to hold dental implants and replacements.

Implant abutment: Conventional dental implants have two parts. One part is the implant itself which is implanted into the jawbone; the other part is the customized abutment which holds the implant and the crown together.

Crown: Crowns are made on the basis of impressions taken by a specialist in the dental prosthetics laboratory. The replacement is prepared jointly by the dental technician and the specialist keeping perfect functionality and aesthetics in mind. Metal ceramic or zirconium? The material of the permanent crown is your choice.

Intervention with general anaesthesia: Would you sleep through surgery? It is possible with us. Our partner clinics and their contracted partners offer the opportunity of dental interventions with general anaesthesia. Before general anaesthesia examinations are necessary, about which we can give detailed information via e-mail, if needed. The price of general anaesthesia depends on the length of the intervention. On demand we can send a quote about that together with that of the dental treatment.

Guarantee: We offer a warranty on interventions done at our partner clinics. Manufacturers typically provide a ten-year warranty on dental implants, while our clinics offer a five-year warranty on the implantation.


  • SGS dental implant
    from only 770 EUR
  • Nobel Biocare dental implant
    from 1250 EUR

Other treatments:

  • Veneer
    from 420 EUR
  • Minilift
    from 300 EUR
  • Sinus Lift
    from 550 EUR
  • Standard implant abutment
    from 120 EUR
  • Metal ceramic crown
    from 230 EUR
  • Zirconium crown
    from 350 EUR
  • General anaesthesia (depending on the length of the treatment
    from 750 EUR

For charges over 7000 EUR and two nights we reimburse 40 EUR per night for accommodation; over 10000 EUR and five nights we reimburse 40 EUR per night for accommodation and an additional 150 EUR for travel.

The offers are not valid with temporary discounts and cannot be combined


From the first until the last step, the treatment is dependent on personal needs and possibilities; therefore we can only send you a customized quote.

International experiences, top-quality materials – world-class dental treatment at a favourable price.

In comparison with other European countries, the price of high-quality dental interventions is more favourable due to lower maintenance costs in Hungary. General experience shows that you can save UP TO 40% on a dental treatment.

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