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Basal implants vs. conventional dental implants

Immediate loading after surgery

Basal implant: in what way are they different from conventional dental implants?

  • Basal implant can and should be loaded: During the implantation of conventional dental implants, in most cases it takes months before the fixation of the permanent replacement. The reason is the osseointegrational process, which has to take place in order for the implants to be strong enough to bear the load of the denture and the pressure of biting and chewing. Basal dental implants, on the other hand, work on different principles. There is no osseointegration: after the surgery the metal supported acrylic replacement connects them and provides stability and strength. There is no months-long waiting; rehabilitation of your jawbone only takes four days.

Basal implant - after surgery

  • Permanent replacement is ready in four days: Since with basal dental implant procedures it is essential for the replacement to be in place as quickly as possible, the waiting time between the surgery and the delivery of the metal-supported acrylic denture is only four days. This is the period the dental technician need for quality work.
  • A solution to every situation: Advanced bone resorption, extensive paradontosis, diabetes or heavy smoking are not a problem, the basal dental implant can be a solution to almost every case.
  • Bone grafting is not necessary: Basal dental implants offer a perfect solution to situations where bone grafting is not an option.

Basal implant - after

We recommend basal dental implants to those who:

– Want to get rid of their removable dentures but don’t have enough bones for traditional implantation solutions

– Don’t want to risk or don’t have the option of bone grafting

– Don’t want to wait for months for a fix denture

– Don’t have the option of traditional implantation for medical reasons (paradontosis, diabetes…)

Do you suffer from paradontosis? There is a lack of bone for conventional implants? It’s not an obstacle. Get a quote now.