Immediate loading basal dental implants

What is the procedure of replacement treatment with immediate loading dental implants?

The procedure of immediate loading dental implants consists of a single step which can be followed by a tooth replacement on demand.

Our specialist makes a circumspect assessment supported by X-ray imaging and we prepare a quote tailored to individual needs. The quote is prepared in more versions according to treatment possibilities, and we offer professional help when choosing the most convenient one.

The actual treatment takes four workdays. You only have to spend this long here and after four days you can return home with a perfect smile.

The first step: inserting dental implants….

The first day, if necessary, damaged and bad teeth that are unsuitable for holding a crown occur are extracted, and the dental implants are inserted. The surgery is taken place under local anaesthesia and due to modern procedures and materials; you will only feel a mild resonance. However, if you choose to be asleep through the surgery, we can also offer general anaesthesia. You can learn more about intervention with general anaesthesia here.

…and preparing the fixed dentures right away

With the implants inserted, the pillars that will hold the replacements are in place. Immediately after the surgery, still on the first day, our specialist takes an imprint. The dental technician prepares the replacement based on the imprint in four days, after consulting your dentist. The work of the dental technician consists of several phases and between each one, fittings may be needed. The necessity and the number of these fittings are determined by the dental technician and the specialist. On the fourth day after a last precision fitting the fixed replacement is anchored, and you can return home flashing a perfect smile. The treatment is essentially over.

A bonus step: it is up to you

In addition, since the primary fixed denture with basal dental implants is made out of metal supported plastic (the same material that is used for detachable dentures), replacement may be necessary. At least six months later the denture can be replaced with metal ceramic or zirconium crowns which look more like natural teeth. It is to be emphasized that this replacement is not imperative; the primary denture is adequate functionally, hygienically and aesthetically.

If you want a perfect smile in four days, ask for a quote.