Sinus lift: Bone augmentation in the upper jaw

Sinus Lift

Sinus lift or sinus floor augmentation is a surgical method the oral surgeon uses, to raise the height of the jaw bone in the upper jaw. This is necessary, if the bone is too small for dental implantation.

Sinus lift: Why is it necessary?

Dental implantation can only be successful (beside other factors) if the quality of the jaw bone is adequate. The dental implant is embedded in the bone tissue; therefore, it has to meet expectances considering height width and structure. After implantation, the bone tissue grows around the dental implant and anchors it. If the bone tissue is not appropriate, the dental implant may fall out later, after loading.

Sinus lift: What materials are used?

Synthetic bone substitute materials are made of ceramic based on calcium, produced as granules. They can only be used to correct small defects.

Natural bone substitute materials: They are made form animals (mostly cattle) connective and bone tissues. They are used to correct small and medium jawbone defects. These are the most commonly used materials in dental clinics offering ambulatory sinus lift.

Autologous bone:  It is harvested from different parts of the patients own body and placed in the jaw bone. It is used in cases, when a large amount of bone tissue needs to be replaced.

What is the process of a sinus lift?

Dentists mostly perform it under local anaesthesia. The dentist working through a hole in the gingiva and the jaw bone detaches the mucous membrane and lifts it up. This way, he creates a chamber between the jaw bone and the mucous membrane and fills it up with bone substitute material. In some cases, dental implantation can be carries out in one sitting with the sinus lift. In other cases, one has to wait 3-6 months for the jaw bone to heal before the implantation.

Does the sinus lift hurt?

You will not experience any pain during the surgery, thanks to modern local anaesthesia. After it wears off, you may feel minimal pain or discomfort. To forego this, you doctor will provide you with the necessary pain killers to use por a couple of days after the surgery. If you are afraid of the intervention, you have the possibility to choose general anaesthesia.

If you are in need of a sinus lift and dental implantation, send us a panoramic x-ray and ask for a quote now!