With the help of traditional dental implant procedures, one tooth or even the whole denture can be replaced. The first step is when our specialist inserts the implant in the jawbone – even immediately after tooth extraction. This is followed by a 3-6 months long healing period during which osseointegration, o.e. ossification of the implant, takes place, fixing the dental implant permanently; therefore it becomes able to hold the crowns.

Once the healing process is finished, the specialist frees the implant and takes an imprint. The dental technician prepares the abutment first which is the link between the implant and the future crown/bridge. Then, the permanent replacement is made after necessary examinations. The permanent replacement can be made of zirconium or metal ceramics. The last step is when the specialist anchors the crown/bridge by sticking or screwing.

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One of the great advantages of traditional dental implants is that they provide similar aesthetic and functional effect as natural teeth. Several of our patients claim that, mostly after replacement a couple of teeth, they can hardly feel any difference between their own teeth and the implants.

With proper care and usage it is a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.

Due to osseointegration, the implants become permanently fixed; therefore their life-span depends on keeping the prescribed usage and proper care.

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As every surgical procedure, dental replacement with implants has its own risks. Certain diseases and taking regular medication can be risk factors for both the intervention and the life-span of the prepared denture. If you suffer from a chronic disease, if you are under medical treatment or take regular medication, please ask for a specialist’s advice and inform our colleagues when asking for a quote. We have solution for almost every problem so don’t hesitate any longer.

The costs of dental implant treatments depend on many factors: from the number of replaced teeth and the make of the implant to the necessity of bone grafting. A detailed, comprehensive quote can only be a customized one. General information about our prices can be found in Dental Prices menu.

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Traditional dental implants are suitable for treating most edentulous cases. Whether it is only one missing tooth or a completely edentulous jawbone, the implant may provide a perfect solution both functionally and aesthetically.

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Our partner clinics offer a guarantee on all interventions, including dental implants. The producer’s guarantee refers to the inserted implant (up to ten years, depending on the manufacturer), and as for the treatments, the recommendations of the Dental Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber is the standard. The conditions of the guarantee are proper use and following the recommended care and maintenance guidance.

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Thanks to modern anaesthetic materials and methods you won’t feel any pain during the intervention. A slight pressure and feeling of resonance might occur, but not neceessarily. After the required preliminary tests, health check and risk assessment it is possible to apply general anaesthesia. Our contracted partner will help with the procedure. We provide detailed information about the necessary examinations by e-mail. You have nothing else to do but ask for a quote and indicate your preference for general anaesthesia during the procedure.