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What is the basal dental implant treatment procedure?

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What is the basal dental implant treatment procedure?

The basal implant treatment consists of two plus one stages, the first two of which are accomplished at the first visit, within a four-day period.

Basal implant procedure - before


…our specialist extracts the dead teeth and inserts the basal dental implants. We normally use local anaesthesia for this virtually painless surgical procedure but we can also provide general anaesthesia at our clinic.


…the dental technician and the specialist create the fixed, metal-supported acrylic replacement. This is a multi-step process, and fittings may be necessary. The necessity and the number of fittings is determined by the specialist after consulting the dental technician. On the fourth post-surgery day the fix denture is made and fastened, and you can return home.

Basal implant procedure- after

The replacement is now practically finished: a full fixed denture is available and is satisfactory both functionally and aesthetically. However, there is a possibility of a second visit (at least six months later) to substitute the replacement. This visit depends only on individual, mostly aesthetic, demands. Since the first replacement delivered on the fourth days after the surgery can only be made of metal-supported acrylic material (basically the same material as removable replacements). It may be substituted for a denture made from a material resembling natural teeth. This replacement can be made of metal ceramics or zirconium crown on demand.

  • Painless
  • Fix denture in four days

Ask for an appointment for a personal consultation

If you decided to go with basal dental implants or if you still can’t decide which solution to choose or don’t know the next step, we are here to help: our specialist prepares the most suitable treatment plan according to a panoramic scan taken during a personal consultation and examination.

At the consultation we provide detailed information on the recommended treatment plans, their procedures and all the advantages and disadvantages. You soon have all your questions answered directly by the specialist and receive your carefully drawn up detailed treatment plan and quote.

You can also request a quote by sending a panoramic x-ray online.