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Immediate loading implants: what are the advantages?

Immediate loading after surgery

What are the advantages of tooth replacement with immediate loading implants?

  • Fast: From the first intervention to the last one, the surgery is over in four days with the preparation and the delivery of the fixed denture. There is no healing or waiting period.

  • Basal dental implants don’t require bone grafting: With many years of innovations behind its back, basal implants offer help in cases where conventional dental implants cannot or can only be implanted with bone grafting. If the bone structure is eroded and there is no possibility of replacement, immediate loading implant is the solution.
  • “Exposure” of the implant is not necessary: Because there is no healing phase, the gum doesn’t have time to grow over the implant; therefore it doesn’t need to be removed later on. You are only one surgery away from the smile of your dreams.

To whom do we recommend immediate loading implants and implant systems?

We recommend immediate dental implants and implant systems to you, if you…

…are fed up with the inconveniences caused by removable prostheses: you don’t have to worry about unstable dentures anymore, there are no more sores caused by your denture, there is no more use of adhesives and removing at night.

…don’t want to wait for months for a perfect smile: it is prepared in four days, there is no more months-long waiting nor temporary solutions.

…eroded bone structure is not an obstacle for conventional implant treatments: there is a solution, there is no need for bone grafting or choosing detachable prostheses.

Immediate loading implant system is:

If you want perfect denture in only four days, we know the solution. Ask for a quote now! If you would rather choose a personal consultation, and meet our team, schedule an appointment!