What is a dental tour?

Dental tour Budapest

Dental tour: combine your dental treatment with an unforgettable Central European trip

Our team have been organizing dental tours since the early 2000s. Modern, reliable, fast and affordable dental treatments attract patients from Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and France), Russia and the USA. With stat-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff working at the highest international standard of expertise, our partner clinics provide a perfect solution to every dental problem.

Dental treatment is a difficult issue for all of us

It induces fear; we tend to think it involves pain and that good solutions are always expensive. We have an answer to everything.

Our team have many years of international experience and are ready to organize your treatments and your stay from sending a quote, assisting with interventions, arranging your transfers, all the way up to your return with a perfect smile. You have nothing to do but get on an airplane. Rely on us!

There is more. We offer the possibility of a personal appointment and consultation free of charge. If you wish to get to know your dentist prior to the intervention, if you are seeking answers regarding your quote you got online or if a test is needed for finalizing the treatment plan, you have the opportunity to schedule an appointment at one of our partner clinics. We help with organizing your travel and provide transfers free of charge.

Are you afraid of dentists? Are you not sure what treatments would be the best for you? Do you consider interventions expensive? We know the solution: CE Dental Tour!

What are the advantages of the dental tour?

– A comprehensive organization and execution: From the first contact until the last treatment and your journey home you can rely on us. We find the appropriate specialist, we help choosing the perfect treatment plan and we organize your trip. You have nothing to do but enjoy your smile after a few days of treatment.

– Favourable prices: according to Western European experience, Hungarian dental treatments cost 30-40% less than those in the countries of origin in the past few years. Although there is no difference in the quality of materials and equipment in Western European and Hungarian dental clinics (Swedish, Swiss and Israeli implant systems, German dental technological materials, etc.), the financial situation in Hungary results in lower wages and maintenance costs of real estate and enterprise. Hence there is a difference in the cost of dental treatments as well. Same quality at a better price.

– Continuous help and assistance: We are in contact and provide assistance for the entire duration of the planning of your travel and treatment, as well as your stay on a continuous basis. Whether it is about your accommodation, scheduling an appointment with the clinic or should you have any questions about the treatment, we are at your service.

You don’t have to struggle with the organization or anything else, you won’t be on your own, because we provide assistance with everything at a reasonable price. All you need to do is to sent a panoramic X-ray and ask for a quote and we will contact you in 24 hours.