What is a basal dental implant?

Basal implant-after

Basal dental implants have a special role amongst dental implants. In opposition to conventional implants, the stability of the future replacement doesn’t rely on osseointegration, so an eroded bone structure is no longer an obstacle. Its other main characteristic is that only four days after the beginning of the treatment the fix denture can be fastened, so a toothless smile becomes perfect in just four days. The primary denture is a replacement made from special metal-supported acrylic (the same material used for removable replacements), which can later be replaced with metal ceramic or zirconium bridges (after at least six months).

Our specialists recommend the Swiss IHDE implant system, perfected for the past twenty years, for everyone who

  • Struggles with tooth loss causing advanced bone resorption where there is no chance for bone grafting
  • Suffers from severe paradontosis
  • Doesn’t want to wait for months for a fix denture
  • Has diabetes
  • Is a heavy smoker

If traditional implantation methods don’t work and if bone grafting is not possible, if there’s no time for replacement with conventional dental implants, basal dental implants, IHDE can be the solution.

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– Swiss technology

– Unique speed

– A solution to every situation

What are the advantages of the basal dental implant?

  • A method to use in almost every case: The biggest advantage of the basal implant system is that there are no unresolved issues. In many cases replacement with traditional dental implants is not an option due to tooth loss and other related problems. Thanks to many years of development even advanced bone resorption or extensive paradontosis are not obstacles anymore. From the first intervention to the last, we provide a fixed denture for you in only four days.
  • Fixed implant-supported replacement in four days: One of the main characteristics of basal dental implant system is that the loading by the fixed replacement gives its stability. The fix denture is part of the implantation procedure. The occasional tooth extractions and the placing of the dental implants occur within one intervention and after a couple of days of technical work we fasten the metal supported acrylic denture.
  • Implantation is possible immediately after tooth extraction – there’s no waiting time: One main feature of conventional implantation systems is that the surface of the implant is developed for osseointegration (bone tissues grow over the implant), thus giving its future stability. This obviously requires sufficient amount of bone tissue. If this is not available, in some cases different bone grafting methods can be used to create an adequate foundation for the implant, but this takes a long time, sometimes months. In opposition, basal dental implants aren’t attached due to osseointegration, hence there is need for bone grafting, and waiting is unnecessary between the teeth extraction and the implantation.

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