All-on-4 dentures

From the article you can find out:

  • What is All-on-4?
  • In what way is All-on-4 different from traditional replacements and crowns fixed on dental implants?
  • Who do we recommend All-on-4 treatment to?

What is All-on-4?

The All-on-4 treatment is a special method for fixing dentures, and is an effective solution to all the unpleasant side-effects of removable prostheses: they don’t move and they don’t hurt the gums. The palatal piece of the replacement disappears, which therefore ends nausea, provides a full sense of taste, the bite force becomes steady and even, it’s a remedy for sunken cheeks. No adhesives are required and the denture doesn’t need to be taken out at night, nor at any other time.

The point of the procedure is that the screw-retained dental implant is fastened by four conventional dental implants into the maxilla or the mandible – so the whole denture is held by four implants, hence the name All-on-4. The dental implants are pillars for the full arch, providing full stability.

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In what way is All-on-4 different from traditional replacements and crowns fixed on dental implants?

In the case of traditional fixed replacements or crowns, we usually have bridges: after consulting the dentist, the dental technician divides the full arch into sections, and these sections are fixed separately either by screws or adhesives. With All-on-4, the whole replacement (i.e. the whole denture) forms an undivided unit and is secured by screws.

A full arch with traditionally secured crowns requires eight, but no less than six, implants. First, this drastically increases the expenses of replacement. Secondly, this method cannot always be implemented for anatomical reasons. The main cause is eroded bone structure, which cannot be reconstructed at all places (i.e. at the full length of the jawbone) by bone grafting. In most cases, the All-on-4 technique offers a solution. Only four dental implants are required for the replacement to be fixed on.

  • Fix denture without adhesives
  • Only four dental implants are required

Who do we recommend this treatment to?

  • Those who want to discard their removable prosthesis – no more unstable replacement, no more sore gums, no more embarrassment because of a shifting denture, forget adhesives and say goodbye to constant nausea. Welcome confident smiling and speaking, steady denture and a full sense of taste – all thanks to the All-on-4 technology.
  • Those who cannot have traditional bridge replacement – if there is not enought bone and bone grafting is not an option, All-on-4 provides a solution. You don’t have to put up with the inconvenience of removable replacement.
  • Those who are seeking a cost-effective solution – only four dental implants are needed per jawbone in contrast to the 6-8 implants of traditional bridge replacements. You are only a couple of months away from your stable, fixed, comfortable and aesthetic denture.