The advantages of All-on-4

Fixed teeth with All-on-4

The denture doesn’t move: One of the most inconvenient aspects of removable dentures is that in spite of the most attentive gluing the prosthesis often moves or gets loose whilst eating or speaking. Since the denture is secured to the dental implants during the All-on-4 treatment, it won’t let you down. No matter the circumstances, it stays securely in its place.

The denture doesn’t cause gum irritation: Most of our Patients with removable prosthesis highlight this unpleasant and hard-to-manage symptom. The glued-in dentures lead to gum sores and the sores take long to heal due to the repeated impact. The point of the All-on-4 technique is stable fixation. The denture doesn’t get dislodged anymore, so there are no more lesions and no more sore gums.

No more nausea:  In order to stay rigid and steady, the lower set of the removable dentures rests on the inner side of the arch in the mandible, and the upper set rests on the palate. This may cause a permanent feeling of nausea, which is hard to get used to. You don’t have to try! All-on-4 fixes the denture on the dental implants, so there is no need for a palatal piece and the cause nausea no longer exists.

Improved sense of taste: We don’t use only our tongue to taste. There are receptors elsewhere inside the mouth: on the palate, for example. These receptors are covered by the palatal piece of the removable dentures, depriving the patient of a full sense of taste. All-on-4 dentures don’t have a palatal piece leaving these receptors free they present their owner with the fullest sense of taste to enjoy.

Bite force and chewing efficiency become steady and even: Since the whole point of the All-on-4 treatment is fixation in the dental implants, the irreproachable and even support of the denture is crucial. Unlike removable prostheses, it cannot move or tilt, its stability doesn’t rely on the anatomy of the gums or the adhesives applied. Bite force and chewing efficiency are always distributed evenly.

It’s a remedy for sunken cheeks: Given the character of the dentures fixed with the All-on-4 method, sunken cheeks are not an issue anymore, hence the face looks younger.

No need for adhesives: Daily struggle with adhesives is abolished by All-on-4. The denture is secured perfectly by the fixtures so you don’t need to bother with adhesives anymore.

The denture doesn’t need to be taken out: The result of the All-on-4 treatment is an implant-based, permanent denture retained by screws. It doesn’t require removal at night or at any other time. Its cleaning is the same as that of natural teeth: with an electric or traditional toothbrush.

 Smile confidently again! All-on4 is fast, reliable and painless. Get a quote now!