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Veneer: steps and stages to the perfect smile

Veneers - steps and stages

Worn or chipped teeth? Gaps or uneven spaces? Unsatisfactory colour? The Hollywood smile is now in reach. Veneers are the solution to all the listed problems.

The importance of neat appearance nowadays unquestionable. From business to socializing, our looks always matter. This applies to our teeth too: healthy and beautiful smile conveys a great first impression.

Getting veneers is the easiest way to achieve the perfect smile. 8-10 veneers in the visible zone of the smile improve all minor aesthetic problems and the five-step procedure only takes five workdays.


Step 0: Before the treatment, an all-embracing check-up and consultation takes place. This is possible online. All you need to do is send us a panoramic X-ray and a photo of your smile. The specialist then prepares a treatment plan matching your preferences. Have you decided to have veneers done? Get a quote in 24 hours and leave the rest of the organizing to us.

Veneer - before

 Step 1: Trimming the tooth: The specialist sculpts the visible surface of the tooth by removing approximately 1-3 mm enamel. This means, that veneers cannot be taken off, once adhered. Preparing a tooth for a veneer comes with minimal tooth enamel loss compared to dental crowns.

Step 2: Taking the impression: Impressions have two functions. Firstly, they are the base the dental technician is going to work with, when making the veneers. Secondly, they work as “face-mold” for the temporary shell the doctor puts on the surface of the teeth. The function of the temporary shells is to protect the prepared surface of the teeth while the technician works on the veneers.

Step 3: Choosing the shade: Do you long for sparkling white teeth? Would you go for a more natural look? Pick the colour you wish, and what’s best for you together with the specialist.

Step 4: Pre-cementation and evaluation: Your veneers are finished. The doctor is now pre-cementing them, to have a look at the result. You can have a look at them under natural and artificial light, to see the colour. Would you like to have them lighter? Darker? What about the form? We can do little changes now if needed.

Veneer - after

Step 5: Permanent bonding: On the fifth, also last workday, the doctor bonds the veneers permanently. Your perfect smile is now finished to show and enjoy. At the end of the last treatment, you will be given instructions and guidance about proper caring.



Send us a panoramic X-ray and a photo of your smile and get a quote within 24 hours!