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Veneer: Aesthetical restoration of the tooth

Veneers - After

What is a veneer?

A veneer is an individually manufactured thin covering layer placed on the visual part of the tooth. It is used to correct several aesthetical issues:

  • Lighten teeth that can not be lightened by bleaching
  • Correcting worn or chipped teeth
  • Cease gaps or uneven spaces between the front teeth.

What is a veneer made of?

A veneer is either made of ceramic or composite resin material. A ceramic veneer is a thin, custom-made shell (manufactured by a dental technician). Ceramic veneers are strong, long lasting and don’t stain easily. They provide natural appearance by their translucent and smooth surface. A composite resin veneer is practically filling material bonded onto the tooth. This means they may be faster and cheaper to make, easier to correct if damaged. Also, they may require less tooth enamel removal than ceramic veneers. It is important to take into account, that composite resin veneers are not as wear-resistant or strong as ceramic veneers.

Are veneers the solution for me?

If you have a healthy gum, and you would like to correct teeth colour, gaps between the teeth or chips, then this is the solution for you. Send us a panoramic X-ray, a photo of your smile, and our specialists will prepare your personalized treatment plan within 24 hours!

Note, that veneers don’t just look like real teeth, they can also chip alike. With veneers, you have to avoid biting on hard objects, like ice or pencils and grinding your teeth. These activities can damage veneers irreversibly. Also, preparing and adhering veneers goes hand in hand with enamel removal from every tooth. This means the process cannot be undone.

Before and after veneers

Correcting chipped teeth, gaps between the teeth and colour all at once. Two to three sittings in five workdays is all it takes.

Veneer - Before

Veneer - After