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  • What is the procedure of receiving a quote for dental surgery – dental implants?
  • How can CE Dental Tour help you organise your dental trip?
  • How does a dental trip welter?
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What is the procedure of receiving a quote for dental surgery- dental implant?

If you have decided to receive dental care in Hungary, the first step is to get a customized quote. The modern radiological techniques, and our colleagues professional experience makes it possible for us to establish a quote for your dental treatment based on either an X-ray or a CT. These imaging techniques provide enough information for us to find the best solution for you, and plan the necessary treatment –perhaps recieving a dental implant – for high quality result.

We also offer the opportunity for you to meet your future dental specialist prior to your treatment. Receive your customized quote following a personal consultation! You can schedule an appointment for a consultation in Bonn (GER), Wien (AUT), Sopron (HUN) or Budapest (HUN) by clicking on ’ASK CONSULTATON’ or by writing an e-mail to .

How can CE Dental tour help you organise your dental trip?

Planning a dental trip abroad consists of multiple tasks, with which we can help you with. Following the approval of your treatment plan, we will help you organise your travel by arranging your appointment for the treatments at the clinic. We will make a proposal for the flight to choose, book a hotel room on demand, and organize transfers between the airport, the hotel and the clinic. All you have to do is book your flight, we do the rest!

How does a dental trip welter?

When arriving to the airport, our chauffeur will be waiting for you to take you either to your hotel or the clinic. You will receive a telephone, which you can use to call the clinic and your personal assistant during your stay. Your hotel stay will be previously organised, so you can immediately occupy your room.

What happens at the clinic?

At the clinic, our colleague will be waiting for you to provide support during the treatments. During your first visit to the clinic, we will prepare a new X-ray. After this, you can discuss your treatment plan together with your surgeon, prior to the treatment itself. Your personal assistant will attend both the consultation and the treatment, to help you with any further information on demand. After the treatment, you will be provided with medication (after recieving a dental implant), and all the information you need considering aftercare. Our chauffeur will take you back to the hotel. All your further attendances at the clinic will happen according to this standard.

With any further questions, or in case of emergency, you can reach your personal assistant with the help of the cell phone we provide. We stand at your service anytime.