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  • What is a dental implant?
  • To whom do we recommend dental implants?
  • What is the procedure of getting dental implants?

 What is a dental implant?

 Nowadays, there are several methods to substitute a missing tooth. The best, however is modern dental implantation, which results in a fixed crown or prosthesis. With a dental implant, we can achieve the feeling, function and aesthetics most similar to our own teeth. The first step is to have the dental implants surgically inserted in the jaw bone. A dental implant is basically a specially developed titanium implant, designed to substitute the root of the lost tooth and support the dental crown/prothesis.

To whom do we recommend dental implants?

Dental implantation is the most modern technology in substituting missing teeth. It provides a solution for anything in between substituting a single lost tooth and complete restoration of a toothless jaw. Therefore, it may be the key to a perfect, healthy smile for anyone, struggling with tooth loss due to periodontal or gum disease, periodontitis, or any other reason. Implantational tooth supplement gives back the natural ability of biting and chewing, whereby several other health issues (for example gastrointestinal diseases) are preventable. Click HERE for a personalised treatment plan.

All-on-4 Implantátum

What is the procedure of getting a dental implant?

 Substituting lost teeth by dental implantation is a multi-stage process. The first step is a check-up, a survey of the overall state of the jaws, jawbone and possibly remaining teeth. During this procedure, we attempt to get an extensive picture of the initial state, regarding remaining teeth, possible bone loss, gum infections, cysts, and overall health, which conditions have to be dealt with during the further process. Furthermore, we assess the patients conceit and desire, special wishes considering the treatment itself and the expected result. The next step is the preparing of a comprehensive and detailed treatment plan and quote. If patient and doctor have agreed on the best solution, the surgery can take place. During this, after local anaesthesia, the dental implant(s) are inserted in the jaw bone.

And the last step?

After the implantation, we wait approximately 3 months for the jaw bone to heal, and anchor the implant. The implant is now stable enough to support a dental crown, bridge or denture, which is prepared and fixed in the next, and also last stage of the process. Click HERE to see the results of dental implantation!