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  • Fixed prosthesis with dental implants vs. removable dentures: Pros and cons
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  • How much does dental implantation cost?

Fixed prosthesis with dental implants vs. removable dentures

Removable dentures

Removable dentures were the first solution to implementing missing teeth. Unfortunately, this solution goes hand in hand with a number of inconveniences. Typically, removable dentures are uncomfortable, inclined to move constantly, causing not only awkward moments to the bearer, but bruises and damage considering the gum. It reduces the sense of taste, aggravates talking and eating. It doesnt substitute our own teeth, regarding the biting and chewing ability, satisfactory. However, removable dentures are the cheapest way of replacing missing teeth.

Fixed Prosthesis

Nowadays a fixed prosthesis (crowns and bridges) is the closest you can come to natural teeth considering aesthetics and function. The treatment with dental implants takes at the longest 3 to 6 months. The length of the treatment depends on the state of the jaw bone and potentially extant teeth. It does not, however depend on the number of teeth we want to replace. It is more expensive than removable dentures, but by choosing the right provider, you can save up to 50 % on your treatment, and with a proper dental care routine, dental implants with a fixed prosthesis can be a lifelong solution to tooth loss.

Dental implants

From removable dentures to fixed prosthesis

If you have come to the decision to replace your uncomfortable dentures with a fixed prosthesis, it is time to take action. For many years, Hungary has been a fancied destination of dental trips. The reduced prices and world class service has been the best solution to thousands of patients seeking low price but high-quality dental care. CE Dental tour can help you form the first steps to the very last: your new smile. Send us a request for a treatment plan here.

Dental implantation in two simple steps

The making of a fixed prosthesis on dental implants consists of two phases. During the first phase, the dental implants are inserted in the jaw bone. The necessary length of your stay depends on the treatment plan (whether a temporary replacement is necessary or not, the number of inserted dental implants, etc.). After this, there is a healing period of approximately 3 months, during which the newly inserted dental implants become anchored in the jaw bone. This second phase starts with taking imprints, followed by a series of fittings throughout the stay. The dentist, together with the dental technician checks the denture in every stage of the process of making for the perfect outcome. On the last (fourth or fifth day) the new prosthesis is fixed on the dental implants.

How much does dental implantation cost?

Dental implantation and dental care in general costs circa 40-50% less in Hungary, than in western Europe or Scandinavia. This has economic reasons (lower upkeep, wage costs, etc.). In our clinics, the consumed tools and materials, the technology, and the expertise of our colleagues meets the highest standards. We work with dental implant producers form Switzerland and Sweden, our dental technicians purchase the materials form German and Swedish sources. We place strong emphasis on the continuous vocational training of our dentists and oral surgeons to keep them up to date with modern technologies.

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