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Dental implantation and pain – do I have to be afraid of the intervention?

Dental implants – pain before, during and after treatment.
Nowadays, dental implants are the most modern and the best way to end edentulousness. They aren’t only aesthetically perfect solutions, but they precede traditional implant methods in their functionality and stability. Yet, a lot of people are afraid of it because of the hypothetical pain, which is a giant obstacle to restore healthy denture.

Durable dental implants?

Over time, our denture can reduce in spite of proper care. Restorative dental treatments, such as fillings and root canal therapy, can prolong the life of teeth but their effect won’t last a lifetime. In the past, the only option for ending injuries and cariosity-caused partial edentulousness was with bridges and with the abrasion of healthy teeth. In case of complete edentulousness, removable dentures were available.

Dental implants: pros and cons

Dental implants are the most modern ways of tooth replacement. There are arguments for and against this method of treatment. We present the most important ones: advantages, disadvantages and preferential Hungarian dental treatments.